Live Recordings

Live Recordings

Promote Your Music!

Doyle Primm Music goes “on location”  at your venue with all of the necessary skills and equipment to obtain high-quality, multi-track recordings of that “Live Captured” sound of your performance.

These recordings may be used for:

  • Promoting your band and/or performance in the form of a demo (CD, MP3)
  • Raw tracks to be “mixed down” with or without Doyle’s studio magic applied
  • Master recordings to be mixed and mastered for CD (Single, EP, LP, Demo)

Doyle has 30+ years of experience with Recording, Arranging, Mixing and Mastering. He is a skilled artist who knows and understands the importance of keeping the finished product true to the artisan’s intent. He uses state-of-the-art tools to achieve a radio-ready result.

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